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Track Planning



Track Planning

I have managed to pick-up Kato raised track sections from a fellow club member Ross S, which is enough to cover from the station to the south (Kokutetsu Station) of the stadium to the station (???) to the east of the stadium.  I decided to use the road plates after I picked up the Dio-town road system for the front of the Kok station. They are very well laid out and detailed, and I am happy with the overall look.  I was planning to see if I could put the faller road system into it, but I am just going to detail up the road, with the huge amount to cars, trucks, and buses I have.

This is the far end of Kok station where the track starts to curve around into the city.  The Carpark will sit on the corner to the front of the layout, as you can see from my track layout above.  Having the AutoCAD drawing of the layout is proving very handy.  It lets me know exactly how many sections are needed to complete the track layout and how the road section and track fit together.  And also an idea how much it will cost me.  I now also have an idea of the spaces left for the city buildings.  So I have been trawling through the Internet to find some nice city buildings
 to put into place, and once I have them bought, I will draw them up an place them in the track plan.

Here we have a view from half way down the attic.  The football stadium will be on the right and Kokutetsu Station on the left, Kokutetsu Station will be almost the full length of this side of the layout, but will these Japanese trains being so long, it needs to be so all the people can get off the train.  The attic is starting to look a bit like a Kato shop, but with the way it all fits together and the detail, I can see past them just now.

The Kato Viaduct station is a nice piece of kit, it comes fully detailed inside, only needing a little colour and some people.  The set comes with the entrance, two shops and two extensions.  To complete the station I will need a further 15 extension sets to make it a four track station.  There will also need to be a hole load of road plates bought.  So I can see myself getting a list together and chipping away at it. 

There has been a wee design change to the side of the stadium, I was looking to build an industrial area, but have changed it out to be another station with some more of the city over here.  When I was drawing out the road system, I felt it just ended and as there was a few roads that disappeared into the walk way.  I wanted to find a way to connect both sides, so I have continued the road on the other side.  On a plus side it would be another access road into the stadium for football traffic. 
I have added another station here for a few reasons first I felt there would be one for football fans to be able to get to the stadium.  another was for running sessions, it would give another stop on the way around when operating, and the last would be that I really really like the Kato viaduct station.   I will need to paint the foam black, and sort something for the walls not sure on that front yet.  Still at least I now have some track to work with. and a list to make up.

Nice wee video of a 500 in a Japanese City.

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