Saturday, 18 May 2013

Finally Building Kits - Carpark

Thank god,  After weeks of woodwork, cutting, nailing and sticking Insulation down, I have finally started building some kits.  I don't have a drop of track down but I hope that will change over the next few weeks.

So I have started to build the multi-Story car park.  I will be taking my time and detailing the inside with cars, people and lights.  I am also looking to add a shopping centre cross from the car park, with a high level walkway linking to two buildings, and the road network passing below.  I just need to find a kit for a shopping centre now.   I was thinking of putting this beside the football stadium at first, but I have decided to put it in the city.

This E-bay shop below sells, N Scale - People, Cars, Buses, Fencing, Lights and lots of neat stuff,  I can vouch for the cars and the people being of good quality as I have bought a few, but not sure about anything else.

 I bought 500 people and 150 Cars, delivery was very fast from Japan and very well packaged.  I am planning to have two rows of lights on each level on the car park, with the wires hidden down the stairwell. 

After opening up the box I was pleased to see the Instructions are also in English and very well laid out.  There is a full transfer sheet with all the road markings and signs needed to complete the kit.  The signs outside I am going to try replace with Neon signs if I can find something suitable, or make something myself.  I will be building this Kit at my clubrooms on Wednesdays nights, so it might take a while, but at least when I am there I will have something to keep me busy. 

Here we have the ground floor, Once cleaned up from removing off the spur the white road markings are required to be put on.  Thankfully the parking space's already have there white lines done, and its just the arrows that are needed to be added on the road.  There are a lot of decals on this kit, but they are very marked and are shown clearly when they are needed.  I have drilled two holes in the base of the stairwell to take the wires for the lighting.

Last night I completed the ground floor of the Carpark, I have all the holes drilled to take the wire from the lights, and cars are glued in place, some of the cars are a bit rough, so they have been placed in the middle, and not so easily seen.

The next step is to take two sides of the spur, clean them up and add the decals, ready to install on the ground floor.


I will update as the build continues.......

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