Sunday, 17 May 2015

Changes and Building finally finished.


   I moved into my house about 9 years ago, the back garden sloped from the back door all the way up to the back fence maybe a 3 meter rise.  about 3 years ago i started to re-level and change the garden into a more useable space.

Finally this weekend all the hard work is over, The garden is all level, paved, artificial grass down, and most importantly for me, the workshop is finished.
  After taking all the trees down out the back and the old shed i managed to build myself a 4 meter by 3 meter workshop.  I had my back door, kitchen window and a miss measured bathroom window to use.

 The main construction in 4x2 timber for the floor with 18mm waterproof Chipboard floor. Walls are 3x2 CLS covered with 16mm weatherboard.  The roof is 18mm chipboard with 3 layer torch on felt, there is also about a ton on silicone......

On the inside i have sheeted it out with 12mm chipboard, walls and ceiling, there is full rockwool insulation in the roof and walls.  The power has been ran straight from the Main fusebox in the house, to a fuse box in the shed.  There are 4 double sockets with 2no. USB ports incorporated into each.  2 along the back wall where my work station will be, 1no. under the window at the front and one under the fusebox.  There are two 600mm x 600mm LED lighting panels on this inside.

So this is it my new workshop/summer house.  I now need to design the workstation at the back, i am not sure how i will set the units and worktops of, i will maybe do a little research on the web on the best way to have it.

My plan is to build small layouts that can be taken to local shows, I have a few ideas on what i want to built, but i need to sort my work benches out first.

I am very pleased to be sitting where i am just now


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Inspiration - and a renewed interest.

I was at Modelrail Scotland in Glasgow at the end of February with my boy and the misses, i had not been for a few years and i wanted to see what was all new.

I was looking around the Gaugemaster stand when i seen this starter set for £100.  i must have looked at it for a while, because my misses noticed.  I was sitting with the boy looking at a large G-Scale thomas layout when she disappears and comes back with it, saying i should really get myself back into trains (as she puts it).  So i took up the challenge.

I am almost finished the great wall of china which is my back garden, and i am putting plans in place to build a workshops about 6 meters by 3 meters, where i am going to build mobile layouts to take to shows.

With my new track set and the load of buildings and rolling stock i have started trying to plan a movable layout which i can take to model shows.  While looking over google imagines i came across this little layout, which covers most of the things i want to put in my layout.

 I have a high level viaduct station kit, and the front road plates,  I also want to add the trams into the layout as the models are great.  But i will need to take this idea and make it my own.