Monday, 23 September 2013

Bo'ness Chainsaw Massacre. (Carpark Update)

Tree Huggers look away now.......
Having finished the lower section of the garden, I made a surprise attack on the top level where my railway shed will be located.   With the weather changing the billion sparrows that use the trees at the top of the garden as a Launchpad, to get the thousand or so bird feeders in my next door neighbour's garden, it was time to move out. 
At the back of the garden I have 6.5m by 6.5m space to locate the shed.  I also found a telegraph pole in there, which I need to leave access for.
Having cleared the rubble, and bought a big saw, myself and the misses attacked the tree's.  After been bitten to death by Midges the tree were down. 

I now have 7 big stumps to be dug out.  And a large pile of trees and branch's to be removed.  And a huge space to be filled by a railway shed.
With the telegraph pole at the top right of the garden and the support wire coming along the back fence line. I am losing about half a meter off from the back fence and to the right for access.  So I have about 6 meters square to put the shed on.  I will draw the back garden up in AutoCAD to scale and design the layout so I can get as much shed and a less grief as poss.
The next stage here once the trees are away, is to get the hut moved forward and the walls built along the sides and the back, and a nice concrete floor.

Carpark build update.

I have 3 more levels built with lights and cars added.  It has been slow progress on this but time has been against me.  I think I am going to have to pick up more cars as I have close to 100 on already.
I am hoping to get more of this built on Wednesday night, at least get a few floors put in place.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wee Update

The  modelling has completely stopped, so I am re-modelling the back garden instead.
8 ton of soil later and I have a big hole.

Walls now built to take the slope out the garden and make it level.

Steps started will need to build an extra 3 to take them to the new level

8 ton of soil almost put back to back fill the ground, for the new level

We had new Windows & Doors put in at the same time, managed to save the best window and door for the railway shed that will be built up the back of the garden. 

Top half of the Steps complete and all soil levels correct.  The ground cover is now down, ready for the bark.

Fence all finished bark all down, and misses new washing line in.

Well that's the bottom end of the garden finished, apart from 2 ton of stone.  Weeman has his gang hut and shoot and even a paddling pool if you can believe it for Scotland...
Stage 2.....
Now that the I have completed this part I have permission to move to the back of the garden and the railway shed...   I have started to draw up plans of the building, and once I have a confirmed internal size I can start designing the layout to go with in.
So this is what I have been all through the summer,  I hope to get back to building my Carpark soon also.