Thursday, 7 March 2013

Stadium Design

After coming back from Wunderland and seeing the super Football Stadium, i have decided to try and put one into my N-Gauge layout.

I am a big Glasgow Rangers fan for my sins and first thought about building there stadium Ibrox, but thought i would never run British Loco's only European and Japanese.  So i started looking for a Stadium to build in Europe and one i have seen a game in while following my team.

I have been to Germany a few times for the football so started my search there.  I came Across Architects Plans for Borussia Dortmund's Stadium, Westfalenstadion which has a capacity of 80,720.  In December 1995  i was at a game between both teams which finished 2-2.   So my mind was made up and i was going to try build it. 
Using a Drafting package called AutoCAD i managed to get the drawings scaled down to 1:160, i had a lot of messing about drawing football pitches to scale and trying to match them up, but it was worth the stress.  Having scaled the drawings down to N Gauge the stadium was going to be 1.2m (4 foot) by 900mm (3 foot) in size.  Which turned out to be just a little to big for the place i had in mind for it.  So i had to scale it down by another 20% to get it to fit in.  The complete stadium will measure 1m by 800mm and be 200mm high to the roof.

Stadium Plan i have managed to scale down



The Opposite is the Drawing of my Attic space (Sorry its a bit light, but should be ok when you open it) with the location for the stadium, it is gonna be the main point of interest in it, but with the Burger stalls, Street Sellers, Crowd, inside stadium detail and all the rest that goes on around sporting events, there is loads of scope for detail.  I am still working on the track layout, but a simple double loop with some large storage track in my work area will not be far away.
I don't think you can do much shunting or switching in N Gauge, so some nice long runs for my passenger trains will be the order of the day.  Straight across from the stadium i plan to build a large passenger station.  The rest of the layout will be left to a compact high rise city and Industry area.
As the track plan progresses i will update it.



  1. That station will be an amazing project! I am shocked at just how large it will be even in N Gauge!

    1. The Stadium in Wunderland is 1:160 (N Scale) in there 1:87 (HO)layout, so I fell I could get away with having it about 25% roughly smaller than scale size. It will be the main focal point, and theme for the layout. I am starting to strip my attic out today as I now have a track plan.