Saturday, 16 March 2013

Baseboard Construction

With some free time this weekend I have made a start at building the baseboards for the layout.  Having managed to relocate half the crap that seems to have built up in the space, I now know how much space I have. 

The first picture shows how it was when I first start to design my new N gauge layout.
This view is from my workshop area looking down the length of the room, the shelves on the left will become my fiddle yard or sidings via a helix in the workshop.  The boards below the sidings will have my station, which will be located in the city centre.  At the very back the city will continue to the right with a few bridges crossing the opening to the baseboards to where the stadium will be built.  To the front of the photo on the right this will be an Industrial area and the multi story car park will be located around here.

The above photo is looking into my workshop, which will soon be stripped out  and the boards for the Helix built.  Both sides of the baseboards need to be connected up to complete them, but I have run short of the top boards.
When building this side I had to take into account the size of the stadium so I have drawn a rough outline on the board to show where is will sit.  and how much space I will have around it.  I am thinking of the Kato Tram System to service the stadium from the main station.  The stadium will be some size and I am looking forward to starting to built it.  I will add more photo's when I have finished this weekend.


With the rest of the time that was left to me this weekend, I managed to strip out the workshop area of all the shelves and remove all the junk that was under the work bench.

I have now cut the hole in the workshop wall to allow my trains to go from the workshop to the Sidings on the shelves above the main boards.  To finish the base boards I have to build the helix and fill in two areas with the top cover board, I am a few pieces of wood short so this will need to be done another weekend.

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