Thursday, 21 March 2013

Construction and Cuts

My baseboard construction is finished for the main track level, I only have the helix to build which I will have to get  drawn up and pick up some wood.

The construction is 50mm x 50mm timber framing, with a covering of a 6mm Hardboard.  I am no joiner but I am happy with how its finished even if I managed to cut my hands to shreds with screws and rough timber.  I plan to cover the top of the hardboard with 25mm polystyrene insulation to help with sound proofing and give a level base to work off.  .  So other than the Helix, I just need to clear all the scrap wood out, and build shelving units in my workshop to store all my stuff that is sitting fiddle yard just now.  Its handy working for a builders merchant to pick up the bits I need at a better cost.  I just need to start working for Kato now as I think I have bought enough stuff to get shares in the company.


On that note I have made another buy, of the Kato viaduct station set, to use as the base for my passenger station.  I have some plans to merge this kit with the Greenmax multi story station building I picked up a few weeks ago.   I am looking to double the station up to take 4 lines of track, so there can be a passing loop on each side.  I also have a Kato high level station I want to work into as well.  It will be a large station but I don't want it to look like different buildings throw together, and with the stadium opposite it will not look to bad.

I plan to Double the width of the Station to take 4 lines.

Plazajapan (need to get sponsorship from this guy) is selling N gauge cardboard kits,  now people that know me, know I am not into card buildings on a layout as they can tend to warp or look very shiny.  But these are just small detail parts that look very good.  The company is called Sankei, they do lots of buildings and small detail parts for N Gauge.  I picked up a venting machine set for only £2.50, I am going to place them in the station and around the football stadium.  Should they look ok, I will branch out to other detailing kits.
I have also picked up 500 painted n scale people for £10, as I will need many thousand for the stadium I will keep all the seated people out, ready to paint in the team colours of yellow and black.

On a total different note, was sent video today unreal.

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