Thursday, 28 February 2013


WHAT and amazing place, a must see for all i have to say.

Of the 8 of us there for the weekend, myself and a club member Rory, flew out on the Friday (22nd) to Gatwick then Hamburg (There is a direct flight from Edinburgh with Easyjet starting march the 21st, Not told the misses yet........).   We arrived about 6pm and met up with the rest of the members, and head for some food, then into Hamburg Station for a little spotting.

Hamburg Train Station.
It was about -6 and windy over the weekend, but nice and dry inside the station.  For the time of night there was quite a bit of trains coming in and out.
Saturday, we had booked tickets to get into Wunderland at 8:30am so we could get a locker and beat as much of the rush as possible.
The first room we came into was the Alps.  Massive is the only word i had for this area, over two stories of the building, it was a very impressive entrance to the layout, white mountains as far as the eye could see, huge platform station, some amazing Bridges and tower cranes.  The level of detail packed into the buildings, road, platforms was unreal, there was so many little scenes going on everywhere.  It too me an hour and a half just to leave this section.

This is a view from the level about down onto the Station below, (I wonder how many Camera's have be dropped from here).
There was so many small detail and scenes dotted all over the place, i no doubt missed a lot. Here some likely lads have tried to tunnel into the bank safe, but it seems the police have an idea of what there up too.

 The Concert was something else thousand and thousand of people in the crowd, over sixty portable toilets with all sorts of things happening in them, a large camp site to the back.


This is a ship lift and one of my favourite structures.
I have to say i am a big football fan and have followed my team around Europe many times, and i have always fancied building a model football stadium on a layout.  So when i came across this i spent allot of time think how i am gonna fit something similar in my attic layout.

I must have spent about two hours looking at this stadium, how is was put together, the materials used, how the people were seated, the pitch was laid out, and i was hooked.  I spent most of the rest of the weekend when not at wunderland planning a layout around a stadium as a centre piece. With multi story car parks and a close by station for the fans to get to the match (had to put trains some where.  I am currently doing a lot of research on a stadium to build that would fit the space i have for it.  This stadium has been built to an N scale Size (1:160) at looks to fit in really well with the HO (1:87) layout.

Multi-Story car park, there is a square car park kit on the go, i will buy a few and double the size.
I will move on to the Airport next, out of the whole weekend i spent there, by far i spent the most time here.

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  1. It really is mind-blowing! I went over two years ago now and the best word to describe my visit was 'over-whelming'! As you point out, there is just so much to see at every point, that its impossible to see it all!