Thursday, 28 February 2013

HUSA Transportation Loco

Well i am back from Wunderland Hamburg, had a amazing time.  But will speak about that in my next post.

While in Hamburgh i picked up this super running locomotive,  It was the colours for me that i was drawn to,  I have been doing a little research in the Loco and will add a rake of frieght wagons for it to pull.  I got some money for my Xmas from the misses and the wee boy, so this was a late xmas present from them at 99 euros.

Piko N diesel locomotive G 1506 Husa

About HUSA Transportation Group

Husa Transportation Group is a Group of companies that has set itself the target of becoming a European market leader in intermodal logistics solutions where rail transportation is the “key differentiator”. With subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, Husa Transportation Group is already a major player in the European market for rail freight.

Husa Transportation, which was founded in December 1998 in the Eindhoven region in the Netherlands, consists of several divisions, each of which focuses on its own specific core activity.

I have seen one or two other loco's in this road name, i will be looking to add to my collection.  So my Solo Japanese N Gauge Layout has now also crossed into Europe.............


  1. That's a really cool looking locomotive Alan! Great buy! I like the scheme a lot too!

    1. I am not sure if there are other loco's in N with this road name, have found a few in HO, but will keep looking.