Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wunderland, Hamburg

Its been a while since i last post,

Now that Xmas is well out the way i have been clearing the attic out and boxing up all my sons stuff up (that has magically appeared) to give me room to start looking at the space and designing a track plan.

I have made one or two buys from eBay this month.

From  Greenmax i bought this building.

Mid Size Station Building - Greenmax No.2132 (1/150 N scale)
I am hoping to use this as part of a large city station, the signs on top i will change to Neon, and try and get a proper working clock,  If i can pick one more of these up cheap enough i will double the height.  This was from Plazajapan on eBay only £11 and £5 postage all the way from Japan unreal, and only took 5 working days.  I also picked up a few Kato container waggons.
The space in the attic is almost clear, but all my free money has gone towards a trip to Hamburg, so the base boards will have to wait a few weeks, Still that gives me loads of time to design the track plan, with some help from a friend John Bowman i think.
As the heading states i am off to Hamburg on Friday with my Model Railway club.
Edinburgh's Thistle Modelmakers are going as a club trip (  Which i am very much looking forward too, this will be my first trip to wunderland, but a few of the club members have been once or six times already.
On the Sunday we have book the behind the scenes tour, to show all the inner works, which is gonna be super.  as you can tell i am very excited about this, and if you want to know more about Wunderland, have a look at the amazing stuff on youtube and there webpage.
When i get back i will put my Photos and Vid up, and let you know how i got on.



  1. Lot's of great news!
    First, that's a great looking Greenmax kit! I converted two of them into a nice looking highrise! And I agree, what a great price! For the same money you could (if you wanted) get a 30 year old Pola building! Crazy!
    And I'm jealous of your visit to Wunderland! I visited there almost two years ago and I was blown away. So much to see. In fact, I would recommend going in two seperate visits as its so over-whelming you just reach your limit of how you can see! Have a great time!

    1. Thanks Jerry will, We have 2 full days there, so i am hoping to see as much as poss, just bought 2 extra memory cards for my camera, so should have loads of room for pic's and vid's.

      I would like to build a football stadium in N-gauge for my layout, but thats one defo for the future. the one in Wunderland is something else.