Sunday, 2 December 2012

Why Japanese N Gauge

Looking over all my railway stock i had a bit of everything, American, British and some German HO and OO.

Having floored my attic, put some walls and a roof up i had 17 foot (5m) by 7 foot (2.1m) to play with.  I started an On30 American backwoods steam logging layout, but found i just didn't have enough running in it.  So i moved to an American HO Steam Service layout,  but i was only able to get one loop of track in and it was not big enough for the long American Boxcar trains i was trying to run, so that was scrapped also.

The Railway club i am part of (The Thistle Modelmakers) decided to plan and build an Japanese N-gauge layout to take to shows, I had a wee look on E-bay and picked up a Kato 10-412 Two car unit in Orange for only £30m and that was from japan.

Kato 10-412
I was planning just to run this when the layout was at shows, maybe put some people inside, just to change it abit.
That was about 4 years ago and the club has still not got round to building this layout, so i have decided to put an Japanese N-gauge layout in my attic.  This will give me nice long runs and no shunting whats so ever.
John Bowman from my model railway club is building a huge 40 foot by 20 foot layout in a shed in his back garden, which will be American along the bottom level and German along the top.  As he had a load of Japanese N Gauge stock we decided to trade to expand our collections and give me one direction to follow.
So hopefully over the course of this blog i can cover my planning, Design and building of my Japanese N Gauge layout in the Attic which i have Called Kokutetsu.


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