Monday, 24 December 2012


With the Christmas holidays here, i finally got up into the attic to have a look over what i have to work with.


A few years ago i was into wargaming, so i put 8 foot by 4 foot gaming table in the middle of the attic, and built a display shelf above to keep my armies in.  Here are some photos of what the space looks like now.  I have laid my stock out to see what i have got, and what needs added to it.

Having a wee boy seems to take up more space all over the house, so i have a lot of boxes.  I have floored the area under the eave's to put these boxes in.  I have a water tank in the top left hand corner of the attic, this sits about 3 feet high.  So my base boards will begin above this height.

    At the top end of the attic i have built a workstation which will sit just below track level.  Alot of the shelves in here will have to be taken out and re-sized to suit the Kato and Tomix Stock Boxes.


This is the display shelf i built to store my wargaming models and armies.  I still have two of them, so i will need to keep part of this to store them.

 I managed to grab the last of the carpet underlay to put down to help the attic a bit more comfortable, so once i have the base boards built i will put this down in the walkways.  I am hoping no to have any duck under's but i would like to get a long a run as possible with the trains, so it may mean i have to have one or two.  All the boards that are down just now will be removed.  So i have a clean open space to start with.  I will reuse what i can.  I am not sure if i am going to this a night time layout, as alot of the passenger locos i have, have interior lights.  But i am undecided on that front.

This give a view from one end to the other.  I am hoping to built a A main line station, with some hopefully very long runs.

My Stock so far, built i will need alot of building materials before i add much more to this.


  1. Seems like a great plan Alan! I'm a bit envious as my garage is cold this time of year so an attic space seems a lot more attractive! I like the fact you are trying to work in long runs, I think that will be really nice. The duck-unders, well, that's something I don't know I would pursue, but best of luck!

  2. Thanks Jerry,

    A friend that also writes comments on your blog (John from Scotland) has said to use Helix's to create a multi level long run. I find when i have a layout built i end up just running the loco's and watching them go round while i am builting or painting kits. So i think Long runs would suit me. As for the duck unders i am hoping not to have any. but we shall see what happens.