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The EF81 class of electric locomotives are Bo-Bo-Bo wheel arrangement multi-voltage AC/DC electric locomotives operated on passenger and freight services in Japan

A Bo-Bo-Bo in UIC classification is a locomotive with three independent two-axle bogies with all axles powered. In the AAR system, this is simplified to B-B-B.
The Bo-Bo-Bo configuration is often used to lower axle weight while keeping lateral forces low compared to a locomotive with two three-axle bogies, thus allowing the locomotive to use lightly laid track, in particular narrow-gauge railways.

14 locomotives built in 1986 and 1987 and mostly operated along the Kanmon Tunnel, although some locomotives operating on a few "Blue Train" services served some railway lines in Kyushu, in particular sections of the Kagoshima Main Line and the Nippō Main Line as well as the entire Nagasaki Main Line.


ED79 shape, the Japanese National Railways (JNR) is 1986 ( Showa from 1961) Tsugarukaikyosen was manufactured for exchanges for electric locomotive is. 国鉄分割民営化後にも、 日本貨物鉄道 (JR貨物)が1989年平成元年)から新製した。 Privatization of JNR division even after, Japan Freight Railway (freight JR) is 1989 ( Heisei Shin was manufactured from 1989).


Kato 10-412 Eiden 900 Kirara 2-Car Set, Orange


The DF50 class of diesel-electric locomotives were Bo-Bo-Bo wheel arrangement locomotives operated by Japanese National Railways (JNR) in Japan.

Full-production batch delivered from 1957 with 8LDA25A 1,060 hp engine. 65 locomotives were built.

Later batch with V6V22/30MA 1,200 hp engine. 73 locomotives were built.


Diesel locomotive form DE15 (Kikan-sha diesel ye Dii 15), Japanese National Railways was medium-sized development, design, manufacture (JNR) liquid formula for snow removal diesel locomotive

As locomotive plowing ceremony Russell, 1961 to form DD15 but had appeared, when the devices are installed snowplow axle load for is 15.5 tons, grade line to line section following line hei low is Nyusen I was unable to.  Therefore, in these low standard train schedule, from the old snowplow car was forced to perform in a manner that will promote snow removal in the locomotive.  Order to and modernization of high-performance vehicle plowing there, form DD20 -based, fixed to the locomotive equipment snow removal Russell form DD21 is 1963 was the prototype, in while wearing the device snowplow local line I stayed in the manufacture of only one car there is inconvenience to business operations and input Rectify the shortcomings of the form DD21, shape DE10 locomotive for snow removal can be Nyusen is this format to train schedule standard low was developed based on, in 1967 from 1981, both total of 58 were produced between the time During snow removal before and after the main body 2 axes locomotive bogie connecting the Russell head was used.  In addition to stage snow removal will stop to consider that it is also used to tow the car貨列customers mainline industry and input on campus, work focused solution consolidated Russell head has been designed to be labor saving simplicity.


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