Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pacific Fruit Express - PFE - Part 2

The next main building was the boxcar works at the front.  I wanted a building that would hide part of the movement of cars and loco's, and also look like it had been cut through in section.  This building had to show the full construction and internal detail that was need to make it stand and see what went on in there.


There are three rows of LED lights in the works, and outside light for the yard.  Boxcars are brought in for repair, damaged wheels, couplings and boards.

One of the smaller buildings on the layout is Big Al's Garage, the inside of the building is fully detailed with reception area, tool boxes, car ramps and more.  A young lady has brought her van over for fixing, while the garage dog loos on.
The mechanics and the Van are a Woodland Scenic's set. 

The garage is placed in the waste ground next to the Ice House.
The last building is the power plant and substation.  As we were making this a night scene and every light could be turned on and off.  We decided to put a sequences in where some workman in the substation manage to dig up and cut the power cable, sending the layout into darkness.  There is a control panel built into the power station with flashing lights, as they manage to sort the damage the lights on the layout start coming back on, over about 15mins, then at the end they hit the power cable again.   With the lights coming on at different points of the layout, it draws you eye to different details.
One small detail part is Chuck's Chuck Wagon.  I converted a Silverline Caravan into a Fast food wagon.  There is a full set of grills with food being cooked on them, a fridge keep the drinks cool.  The bar on the outside also has a full range of sauces.
The one on the left is how it started out, on the right is the finished van, just need to put together.

And in place with a trash can and some dinners.
This layout has been all over the UK and in Europe.  This year it is again touring the British shows and off to Eurospur Holland and Frankfurt American Show later in the year.

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