Thursday, 18 July 2013

Well its all for the change...

Over the past month I have been working hard in the back garden, trying to get it into a better state so my boy has somewhere to play, so all modelling has completely stopped.  We have also seen temp's up in the high 20's and its to get hotter.  The attic has been a no go area, as soon as I go near it I start sweating.

We have a 10 foot by 12 foot shed in the garden at the top corner.  So while I have been working away I have been checking to see if there is room to build a bigger shed in blockwork along the back. 

After taking a few sizes the Area at the back of the garden is 6.5m wide, and 6m from the back fence to the edge of where I have built the play area for Lewis.

So lots of room for a block shed/Railway room.  With a small shed attached to the side for the garden tools and bikes.  After a little gentle persuasion with the misses I got full permission, (as long as I change the attic into a storage room).

So the attic train room is no more.

I am sticking to N Gauge, and I should be able to build a room about 5m by 4m to take my layout. with a smaller shed on the side of it.  I have just had new windows and door installed, and managed to save a door and a window, which can bee used in the shed.

This will be about 3 feet shorter than the attic, but will be double the width.

I will still be building my kits at the clubrooms, and collecting more buildings, track and scenic's.  As I now have a bigger area to fill.  I will update the build as I go along.

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